alex kent

Movement Sonification at SICS MobileLife

Drop The Beat

tangible user interface prototype

Twitter Plays The Blues

realtime generative music prototype


iPad app for William Edward School

Blood and blueberries (ongoing)

Åre, Sweden

Portfolio for photographer Rikard Österlund


image delivery web app prototype

Characters (ongoing)

a collaboration with artist Malin Ståhl


Iceland, 2010

Setbuild Project, UCA

photography students recreate film scenes


retouching and online edit for Ori Gersht

Photography Lecturer, UCA

Lecturer and Senior Lecturer 2006 - 2011

Hasselblad HTS1.5

Movements workshop for Hasselblad UK

Lighting Fundamentals

lighting for photographers

Falling Bird

grading and online edit for Ori Gersht

Retouching and Colour

photographic post production workshops


artists residency in Seyðisfjörður, 2007

Blow Up

tech development and retouching for Ori Gersht

Nanjing Normal University

Undergraduate photography in China, 2006

Big Bang

retouching for Ori Gersht

publishing platform for photographers

low-fi @ Stills

net art IRL at Stills Gallery Edinburgh